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“The Guest” (feature film) – Director: Mads Mengel, Screenwriter: Christian Bengtsson
“AZADI” (feature film) – Director: Ánitá Beikpour, Screenwriter: Lone Aburas
“Wannabe” (feature film) – Director: Patricia Bbaale Bandak, Screenwriters: Sara Isabella Jønsson, Mie Skjoldemose
“Ø” (feature film) – Director: Annika Berg, Screenwriters: Annika Berg, Rasmus Heisterberg
“The Migrants” (feature film) – Director: Christian Bengtsson, Screenwriter: Christian Bengtsson, Nikolaj Arcel
“Best Friends” (feature film) – Director: Teys Schucany, Screenwriters: Teys Schucany, Mie Skjoldemose
“Here comes the sun” (feature film) – Director: Katrine Brocks, Screenwriters: Katrine Brocks, Mie Skjoldemose