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g – 21 scenes from gottsunda

A Co-production with Story AB

The Swedish gang conflict seen from the inside over five years by a filmmaker who is at home portraying one of Sweden’s most dangerous areas, which he is now moving out of. A poetic and existential film about life, death and brotherhood.

Title: G – 21 scenes from gottsunda
Original title: G – 21 scener från Gottsunda
Director, Editor, Cinematographer: Loran Batti
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 80 minutes
Language: Swedish
Country of origin: Sweden
Editor: Andreas Jonsson Hay
Composer: Johan Carøe, Leo Goldmann
Sound designer: Anders Ankerstjerne
Production Company: Story AB
Co-producer: Monolit Film
Producers: Melissa Lindgren, Victor Cunha, Göran Hugo Olsson
Production year: 2024
Local release: March 2024
Film status: Completed