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better i go suffer

On Christmas Eve 1989 when Patricia was only two years old, her mother was murdered by two gunmen in their home in Uganda. Now, thirty years after the killing Patricia is finally ready to return home and take a look at her traumatic past.

Original title: BETTER I GO SUFFER
Director: Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 91 minutes
Language: Danish, Luganda, English
Country of origin: Denmark
Cinematographers: Troels Rasmus N’koya-Jensen, Loui Ladegaard, Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Editors: Louis Emil Ramm Seeberg, Nikoline Løgstrup
Production Company: Monolit Film
Producers: Victor da Rocha Cunha
Production year: 2023
Executive producers: Pernille Tornøe, Emily Nicoline Quist
Local release: TBA
Film status: Post-production